Top 2024 Interior Door Designs and Trends (2024)

At One Day Doors and Closets, we understand that interior design trends evolve over time, both in and outside the home. Our goal is to stay in sync with these trends and help you make meaningful updates to your living spaces. In 2024, we're here to discuss how these updates can significantly impact your daily life. We're not just talking about new floors, a fresh kitchen, or the latest paint colors (although we do appreciate a good paint swatch). We're also here to highlight the pivotal role your doors play in every corner of your home. Life can be busy, and we believe that your home should be a sanctuary whenever possible.

Less is More with Minimalism

Minimalism is a dominant trend in interior design for 2024. This style emphasizes clean lines, simple geometric shapes, and uncluttered designs. Minimalist interiors offer a sense of tranquility and organization in today's fast-paced world. Minimalist doors are timeless, versatile, and promote a calm atmosphere. They work well with various interior styles and make it easier to maintain an organized living space.

A Door for Every Room

In today's tech-driven world, we're surrounded by gadgets, from smartphones to smart TVs and laptops. But it's crucial to have spaces where you can disconnect and unwind. Your most important areas, such as the bedroom, bathroom, and office, should offer respite from digital chaos and we have a door for every need and every room.

Shaker Doors - Bedroom: Your bedroom should be a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. Your doors play a vital role in creating this calming environment. In 2024, simple, clean doors are on-trend, and our shaker doors perfectly encapsulate this style. Whether it's the one-panel Cape Cod, the two-panel Nantucket, or the three-panel Chelsea, these doors offer an elegant yet understated look.

Glass Doors - Bathroom: Your bathroom is where you start and end your day, so it should be a place of serenity. Self-care is essential, and our glass series of doors can enhance your wellness routine. Our Privacy glass door allows natural light to filter through while maintaining your privacy. With one or three panels, these doors combine clean lines with practicality.

Top 2024 Interior Door Designs and Trends (1)

Pantry Doors - Kitchen: The kitchen is often the heart of the home, where family and friends gather. Don't overlook your pantry doors; they can add style and functionality. Glass doors infuse natural light and visual interest into your kitchen. However, if you prefer a cohesive style with solid doors, that's perfectly fine too. We understand that doors are a personal choice and should seamlessly integrate with your home's style. Did you know we also offer custom closet systems? You can have the kitchen and pantry doors of your dreams, all designed to coordinate with your unique style.

Functional but Comfortable Workspaces

As remote work gains increasing popularity, cultivating a functional and inspiring home office space has become imperative. The choice of home office doors extends beyond aesthetics; it plays a pivotal role in enhancing productivity and promoting your unique style. In 2024, a prevailing trend revolves around doors that not only visually please but also nurture concentration and creativity. Our contemporary door designs epitomize this trend with their sleek, uncluttered aesthetic. The single-panel Cape Cod exudes clean lines, while the Nantucket exudes understated elegance. For a blend of natural light and sophistication, consider our Privacy Glass and 3 Panel Glass Doors. These doors have been thoughtfully designed to elevate your home office, enabling you to craft a workspace that resonates with your individuality and maximizes your productivity.

Bringing Outdoors in with Glass Doors

We understand the vital role that natural light plays in enhancing your home. Natural light not only brightens your space but also creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. It's no secret that well-lit interiors contribute to a healthier and happier living environment. With our Privacy Glass door and the 3 Panel privacy door, you can optimize the flow of natural light throughout your home, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of your interiors. Say goodbye to dim and gloomy spaces and say hello to the countless benefits that an abundance of natural light can bring to both you and your home.

Bold Colors and Patterns

In 2024, interior design is all about self-expression, and nothing speaks louder than bold colors and patterns. Whether it's vibrant accent walls, richly hued furniture, or eye-catching textiles, injecting a pop of color can instantly transform your space. Patterns are also making a comeback, from geometric prints to nature-inspired motifs, adding depth and personality to your interiors.

Additionally, silver metals and bold chrome are all the rage, offering a striking contrast and a touch of luxury. While these trends are exciting, they also highlight the importance of doors that can harmonize with your chosen color palette and design motifs.

Our interior doors are not only known for their functionality but also their versatility, making them the perfect canvas for your design aspirations. They effortlessly complement bold colors, patterns, and mixed metals, allowing your personal style to shine through every doorway.

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Personalized Style

Despite the ever-changing trends, we consistently advocate for infusing your home with your unique personal style. Authenticity isn't just a trend; it's a timeless principle. Your home should narrate the story of its inhabitants, whether that's through art, cherished vintage discoveries, handcrafted furniture, or custom interior doors.

For those who appreciate classic details and enduring materials, the allure of timeless style endures. Remarkably, this style can seamlessly complement even the most contemporary home designs. By investing in enduring elements, you not only ensure lasting value but also preserve the essence of your home for years to come.

Embrace the possibilities of 2024's interior design trends and transform your living spaces with the perfect doors from One Day Doors and Closets. Our doors not only follow the latest trends but also allow you to express your unique style, ensuring that your home tells your story. Don't wait to make your home a sanctuary of tranquility, creativity, and personal expression.

Ready to explore the possibilities? Contact us today for a free consultation and let our experts help you find the ideal doors for your home.

Elevate your living spaces with doors that seamlessly blend aesthetics, functionality, and style. Your journey to a more beautiful and inspiring home begins with One Day Doors and Closets.

Top 2024 Interior Door Designs and Trends (2024)


Top 2024 Interior Door Designs and Trends? ›

Your doors play a vital role in creating this calming environment. In 2024, simple, clean doors are on-trend, and our shaker doors perfectly encapsulate this style. Whether it's the one-panel Cape Cod, the two-panel Nantucket, or the three-panel Chelsea, these doors offer an elegant yet understated look.

What are the popular doors in 2024? ›

Top Modern Front Door Styles for Homeowners in 2024
  • Privacy Glass Entry Door Design.
  • High-Security Steel Front Doors.
  • Simple Color Variations.
  • Simulated Dividing Lights and Grids.
  • Modern Decorative Glass.
  • Solid Wood, the Oldest Door Style in History.
  • There's Only One Company to Choose for Modern Entry Doors.
Jan 29, 2024

What is the latest trend for internal doors? ›

Minimalist and Sleek Designs

Minimalism is popular in interior design. This trend will continue into 2024, with sleek and minimalist interior door designs taking centre stage. These doors feature clean lines, simple shapes, and modern hardware.

What is the trend in front doors for 2024? ›

Smart Technology. As technology advances, it's no surprise that it's entering our homes. In 2024, front doors with intelligent technology are expected to be a top trend. This includes keyless entry, remote locking, and even voice-activated commands.

What is the trend in door knobs in 2024? ›

Three finishes are expected to dominate door hardware in 2024. Those finishes include vintage bronze, matte black, and satin brass. Each of these three finish options offers a unique style and aesthetic within the door hardware space.

What interior doors are timeless? ›

A six-panel door is a timeless and traditional option, while a shaker-style four-panel door puts a modern spin on the classic. You'll also find a two-panel version, arched panels, and countless other configurations.

What is the most popular interior door? ›

Barn and pocket doors are popular interior door styles that offer a contemporary look and are perfect for modern homes. If you want something more traditional, panel or flush doors may be the way.

What interior doors look best? ›

Solid Wood Doors

Warm look and beautiful grain patterns add richness and depth to a home's interior. Available in a wide variety of wood species to complement any decor. Good for shutting out noise.

What is the best interior door style? ›

Solid wood doors are the best sound-insulating doors you can buy for the interior of your house. They have a warm, natural look and come in a variety of wood species to coordinate with your furnishings. Classic wood doors have the weight you can't find in solid core or hollow core fiberglass doors.

How can I update my internal doors? ›

Use Molding to Create a Designer Look

Simply attach molding or trim to your door with wood glue and nails. Then repaint it and you'll have a revamped modern interior door! This subtle redo can add a lot to a room with just a little time and effort.

What is the most welcoming front door color? ›

What is the most welcoming color for a front door? - Quora. Red, pink or green or yellow colors are very conspicuous and striking colors, very attractive easily seen. They are drawing the attention of people walking by, you can't miss it if you are looking for a red house.

What is the new color for front doors? ›

A soft black like Behr's Cracked Pepper (the company's 2024 color of the year) is a trending color that will add depth to the front of your home.

What is the most popular front door color? ›

What are popular front door colors? It is no surprise that black reigns as one of the most popular front door colors, closely followed by other classic shades such as white and gray.

What color are door handles in 2024? ›

Matte black remains a popular colour heading into 2024, with rich wooden finishes and rusted reds quickly becoming ever popular colour trends throughout paint and interiors.

Is brushed nickel out of style 2024? ›

Think about finishes – Choose hardware finishes that complement your kitchen's color scheme and overall design. Popular finishes for 2024 include matte black, brushed nickel, and warm brass.

What kitchen hardware is in style 2024? ›

Mixed Metals: Copper, Chrome

Designers love to mix metals, and this dynamic duo is a perfect example of how contrasting elements can work together harmoniously. In contrast to other, more conventional hardware options, the use of copper and chrome in kitchen design gives any area a sleek, modern feel.

What is the most commonly used door? ›

Wood Doors

The most common door material found in most homes and used for both interior and exterior doors. Wood doors are especially common in Victorian, Colonial, and Craftsman style homes. High quality and hand finished wood doors are desirable in custom and high-end homes.

What is the most common door? ›

So, the most common entry door widths are 30 inches, 32 inches, and 36 inches, with a typical 80 inches in height and 1 ¾ inch of thickness.

What is the most common door type? ›

Hinged doors

Hinged doors are the most common type of passage door in homes, offices, commercial buildings, and other structures. These doors hang from a set of brackets held together with pins. The pins allow the doors to pivot and swing open and close.

What front doors are in fashion? ›

Uplifting Greens
  • Green Victorian Front Door.
  • Victorian Wood Front Door.
  • Luxury Blue Victorian Door.
  • Dark Blue Victorian Front Door.
  • Pink Victorian Front Door.
  • Blue Georgian Front Door.


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