OSRS Boss Overview: A Complete Guide - Rune Fanatics (2024)

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Requirements For Boss Battles What is the difference between an instanced and standard boss fight? Slayer Bosses Grotesque Guardians Best Loot: Abyssal Sire Best Loot: Kraken Best Loot: Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Best Loot: Wilderness Bosses Chaos Fanatic Best Loot: Crazy Archaeologist Best Loot: Scorpia Best Loot: Chaos Elemental Best Loot: Sporadic Bosses The Mimic Best Loot: Obor Best Loot: Skotizo Best Loot: Hespori Best Loot: Skilling Bosses Tempoross Best Loot: Wintertodt Best Loot: Zalcano Best Loot: Raid Bosses Chambers of Xeric Tekton Best Loot: Ice Demon Best Loot: Lizardman Shaman Best Loot: Vanguard Best loot: Vespula Best Loot: Guardian Best Loot: Vasa Nistirio Best Loot: Skeletal Mystic Best Loot: Muttadile Best Loot: Great Olm Best Loot: The Theatre of Blood The Maiden of Sugadinti Best Loot: Pestilent Bloat Best loot: Nylocas Vasilias Best Loot: Sotetseg Best Loot: Xarpus Best Loot: Verzik Vitur Best Loot: Minigame Bosses Penance Queen Best Loot: TzTok-Jad Best Loot: TzKal-Zuk Best Loot: Barrows Brothers Best Loot: Crystalline Hunllef Best Loot: Unique Bosses Giant Mole Best Loot: Dagannoths Best Loot: Kalphite Queen Best loot: Quest Bosses Vorkath Best Loot: Abomination Count Draynor Kob and Keef Which Bosses Are The Hardest? Corporeal Beast Best Loot: TzTok-Jad Best Loot: Verzik Vitur Best Loot: Which Bosses Should Beginners Fight First? Barrows Brothers Best Loot: The Giant Mole Best Loot: King Black Dragon Best Loot: Chaos Elemental Best Loot: FAQ Question: What Are The Most Profitable Bosses In OSRS? Question: What Is The Best Gear In Slot For Bossing? Question: What Is The Strongest Monster In OSRS? Summary References

Beating bosses is a huge part of OSRS late-game content. Players want to obtain the best gear and slay enemies faster. Therefore, acquiring legendary tier armor and weapons becomes more necessary. Adventurers can group up to defeat powerful foes or go in solo for the challenge.

Also, killing bosses is one of the best money-makers due to their rare drops. Depending on the boss getting just one of these items will skyrocket your bank since the value can easily be over +100m GP. We’ll go over the many different bosses OSRS has to offer and why you should try them out!

Requirements For Boss Battles

Bossing may seem difficult to learn due to the level, weapon, armor, and potion requirements. However, this is extremely untrue as OSRS features many bosses that range in skill-cap and requirements. For example, the King Black Dragon will only require a level +60 combat setup, which is super easy to obtain.

As you progress in OSRS, you’ll be able to take on much stronger enemies. Therefore, you’ll need to upgrade your gear to fight the bosses effectively. Tier 75 gear will be ultra-expensive, but you may use cheaper alternatives to get near results. Afterward, you can sell the loot gathered from bosses to upgrade your gear.

What is the difference between an instanced and standard boss fight?

An instance is a special area that generates a new copy of a location for each player or group. Typically, this is a quest location as progress for all players can differ, which means the setting must look the same visually.

However, standard boss fights do not share the same mechanics. Upon entering a boss location, you can see other players in action, or other adventurers may join your session. This can be annoying at times if you don’t want players joining you and stealing your loot.

Slayer Bosses

These bosses will require having a certainSlayer levelto kill. They take the form of their weaker counterparts that you’ll fight during various tasks assigned by Slayer masters. The Slayer bosses are much harder to kill but will reward players with far better loot.

Grotesque Guardians

The gargoyle pair is found on the Slayer Tower’s rooftop. Players will need a brittle key to unlock the door, which is gathered by killing regular gargoyles. Adventurers can only kill these bosses while on a Slayer task. Also, despite Dusk and Dawn being two separate entities, killing them both will count as one Kill.

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Best Loot:

  • Granite Maul – 90k GP
  • Black Tourmaline Core – 1.4m GP
  • Dragon Med Helm – 60k GP
  • Jar of Stone – 1.4m GP
  • Average Kill – 100k GP

Abyssal Sire

The Abyssal Sire is a far more powerful version ofAbyssal Demons. It requires level 85 Slayer to kill and an active assignment. To access the boss, players must have visited the Abyss at least once. The boss has 3 phases, so bringing Sara Brews is ideal for gaining more HP during the fight. The Abyssal Sire is weakest to magical attacks and is most resistant to Ranged attacks.

Best Loot:

  • Redwood Tree Seed – 60k GP
  • Celastrus Seed – 176k GP
  • Dragonfruit Tree Seed – 384k GP
  • Unsired – Not Sold
  • Elite Clue Scroll – Not Sold
  • Average Kill – 100k GP


The Kraken is a stronger and much larger version of the Cave Kraken. The boss requires level 87 Slayer to kill and cannot be boosted. Magic is the only reliable way to kill the Kraken as Ranged attacks are heavily reduced, and melee is unusable. The Kraken and its tentacles use Typless Magic damage, which means Prayers are ineffective.

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Best Loot:

  • Trident of the Seas – 790k GP
  • Kraken Tentacle – 380k GP
  • Crystal Key – 20k GP
  • Shield Left Half – 65k GP
  • Dragon Spear – 37k GP
  • Elite Clue Scroll – Not Sold
  • Jar of Dirt – 7k GP
  • Average Kill – 22k GP

Thermonuclear Smoke Devil

The Thermonuclear Smoke Devil is the boss version of the Smoke Devil. It requires level 93 Slayer to kill, which makes it an extremely high-tier boss. In addition, it’s the only creature to drop a Jar of Smoke, an ultra-expensive item. Finally, the boss will walk through NPCs and monsters to prevent players from safe spotting.

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Best Loot:

  • Dragon Chainbody – 154k Gp
  • Smoke Battlestaff – 970k GP
  • Occult Necklace – 260k GP
  • Ancient Staff – 60k GP
  • Crystal Key – 20k GP
  • Shield Left Half – 65k GP
  • Elite Clue Scroll – Not Sold
  • Jar of Smoke – 130k GP
  • Average Kill – 22k GP

Wilderness Bosses

The bosses listed here are all located within the Wilderness, which makes them riskier to kill. This is because other players can come and crash your session and kill you. Therefore, it’s not recommended to bring expensive gear. This already puts you at a disadvantage when fighting bosses since you won’t be using your optimal gear setup.

Chaos Fanatic

The Chaos Fanatic is an insane mage that can be found West of the Lava Maze. His special attack uses green Magic that explodes to deal high amounts of damage. Players must run away from him to avoid getting hit. Also, during the fight, he will disarm players, so remember to re-equip your items.

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Best Loot:

  • Ancient Staff – 60k GP
  • Odium Shard 1 – 70k GP
  • Malediction Shard 1 – 177K GP
  • Shield Left Half – 65k GP
  • Average Kill – 10k GP

Crazy Archaeologist

The Crazy Archaeologist is a demi-boss that can be found in the Ruins, South of the Forgotten Cemetery. He primarily uses Ranged and melee attacks to damage his opponents. His special attack is throwing books that explode, doing damage in a 3×3 area. The Crazy Archaeologist has a high Magic defense but a low Magic level. Therefore, he has a weakness in magical attacks. This is because Magic resistance is calculated based on the Magic level.

Best Loot:

  • Odium Shard 2 – 1.2m GP
  • Malediction Shard 2 – 1.1m GP
  • Shield Left Half – 65k GP
  • Hard Clue Scroll – Not Sold
  • Average Kill – 18k GP


Scorpia is a giant female scorpion that lives in the cave beneath the Scorpion Pit. She is an extremely difficult Wilderness boss due to the high offensive stats and huge health bar. Also, her defensive stats makes it difficult to deal damage. Therefore, the best method of killing Scorpia is with Magic since she only has +44 magical defenses.

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Best Loot:

  • Odium Shard 3 – 97k GP
  • Malediction Shard 3 – 106k GP
  • Shield Left Half – 65k GP
  • Dragon Med Helm – 60k GP
  • Hard Clue Scroll – Not Sold
  • Average Kill – 9k GP

Chaos Elemental

The Chaos Elemental is a dark cloud with several tentacles that will attack unsuspecting players. It can be found deep in the Wilderness West of the Rogues’ Castle. This is the easiest Wilderness boss that can be killed with half-decent stats and gear. During the battle, the boss will remove gear and teleport you around the area.

Best Loot:

  • Dragon Pickaxe – 3.1m GP
  • Dragon Dagger – 17k GP
  • Dragon 2H Sword – 130k GP
  • Looting Bag – Not Sold
  • Elite Clue Scroll – Not Sold
  • Nature Talisman – 14k GP
  • Average Kill – 24k GP

Sporadic Bosses

Sporadic bosses cannot be fought whenever you want. Instead, you’ll need to obtain a specific item to access them. They are usually gathered by partaking in ordinary activities like skilling or killing particular creatures.

The Mimic

The Mimic can only be fought by presenting a mimic casket to the strange casket found upstairs in Watson’s House. The mimic casket can be acquired by completing elite and master clue scrolls. Always use Protect from Melee when fighting the creature as it can deal a decent amount of damage. The best weapons against The Mimic are dragon claws or a dragon dagger.

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Best Loot:

  • Ring of 3rd Age – 2.3m GP
  • All 3rd Age Gear – 7m to 2,147m GP
  • Average Kill – 60k GP


Obor is a hill titan that lives in his lair, located in the locked gates Western of the hill giant area in Edgeville Dungeon. To access his lair, players must obtain a giant key by killing hill giants. Each key allows entrance and one attempt to fight the boss. He fights as a normal hill giant but does significantly more damage.

Best Loot:

  • Beginner Clue Scroll – Not Sold
  • Ensouled Giant Head – 500GP
  • Giant Champion Scroll – Not Sold
  • Curved Bone – Not Sold
  • Average Kill – 20k GP


Skotizo is a demonic boss beneath the Catacombs of Kourend. Accessing this boss requires a dark totem used on the altar found at the center. Players on Black Demon and Greater Demon Slayer tasks can kill the boss to gain experience. The maximum hit the boss can do is 38 Hitpoints, which means only adventurers with high-tier gear can fight the creature.

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Best Loot:

  • Ancient Shards – Not Sold
  • Uncut Onyx – 1.6m GP
  • Jar of Darkness – 8.7m GP
  • Average Kill – 170k GP


To fight the boss, players must first plant a Hespori Seed in the patch within the West Wing of the Farming Guild. This will require having a Farming level of 65 and 60% Hosidius favor. The seed will take 22-32 hours to grow, and a cave entrance will appear afterward. The boss is a plant-based creature that uses nature to attack players. It has 300 Hitpoints and is weak to slash-type weaponry.

Best Loot:

  • Various Types Of Seeds – 200k GP
  • Tangleroot – Not Sold
  • Average Kill – 30k GP

Skilling Bosses

This is a newer genre of bosses in OSRS. These bosses are not killed via combat but with the use of your artisan and gathering skills.


Tempoross is a minigame-style boss that is fought with non-combat skills. Players must help by draining Tempoross’s essence to defeat it. To do so, players must fire cannonballs, using harpoon fish as ammo. The boss is defeated by usingFishing,Cooking, andConstruction.

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Best Loot:

  • Casket – Not Sold
  • Dragon Harpoon – 1m GP
  • Tome of Water – 666k GP
  • Tiny Tempor – Not Sold
  • Average Kill – 70k GP


Wintertodt is a minigame-style boss that is fought using a variety of skills. It can be found in the Northern Tundras in Great Kourend. Adventurers must assist pyromancers in keeping the Wintertodt at bay. This is done by lighting the fires. The boss is only accessible for those who have a Firemaking level of 50. Also, Herblore, Fletching, Woodcutting, and Construction are used during the battle. However, having a higher level in these skills will not affect the speed of killing the boss.

Best Loot:

  • Pyromancer Outfit – Not Sold
  • Various Logs – 20k GP
  • Seeds – 60k GP


Zalcano is a demon imprisoned beneath Prifddinas. The boss is immune to all combat styles and can only be damaged with skilling. Players must use Mining, Smithing, and Runecrafting to create imbued tephra to damage her stone armor. The boss requires a minimum of level 70 Mining and Smithing to fight.

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Best Loot:

  • Crystal Tool Seed – 5.4m GP
  • Zalcano Shard – 20k GP
  • Smolcano – Not Sold
  • Uncut Onyx – 1.6m GP
  • Average Kill – 80k GP

Raid Bosses

Raids are end-game content that players do alone or in a team. They require you to kill a variety of enemies to progress to the next section. At the end will be a high-level boss that you’ll need to kill to receive valuable loot.

Chambers of Xeric

Bosses within the Chambers of Xeric are randomized to make every experience within unique. However, the Great Olm will appear at the end of every raid as the final boss. We recommend going in a group and not trying the raid solo because you’ll use too much food when you reach the Great Olm.


Fighting Tekton can be a challenging experience. He will be working on a magnetic anvil, and the fight will begin when players come near him. It’s recommended to useProtect from Meleeunless you can dodge his attacks repeatedly. Magic and Ranged attacks are ineffective against him, which means using melee is necessary to defeat him. The boss is weak to crush type weapons. The Elder maul is the most effective against him.

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Best Loot:

  • Onyx – 1.6m GP

Ice Demon

Initially, the Ice Demon will be protected by an ice storm. To disrupt the ice storm, the braziers around must be lit. There are plenty of trees around the area that can be chopped to obtain kindlings. Once the ice storm is gone, the demon will begin attacking. It only has 150 HP, which makes it one of the easier bosses during the raid.

Best Loot:

  • Fiendish Ashes – 200GP

Lizardman Shaman

Like the surface counterpart, Lizardman Shaman shares the same attack set. However, the damage dealt is significantly higher depending on the team size. A minimum of 2 Lizardmen will spawn when going in solo or duo. For larger teams, four or more can spawn in the room.

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Best Loot:

  • Long Bone – Not Sold
  • Curved Bone – Not Sold


The Vanguards are a trio of Xeric’s former commanders. Each Vanguard is weak to a specific attack style, which follows the combat triangle. After defeating them, the Vanguard Judgement will appear. This item will provide insight into how the Vanguards came to be.

Best loot:

  • Revitalisation +4 – Not Sold
  • Overload +4 – Not Sold


Vespula is a parasitic wasp from the Abyss.Protect from Missilesis necessary to limit the damage taken from this boss. The huge wasp can inflict poison that can start at 20 damage. Therefore, taking anti-poison is needed. The best strategy is to use long-ranged weapons like the Twisted Bow or Powered Staff and stand at a distance to attack Vesupla.

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Best Loot:

  • Transdimensional Notes – Not Sold
  • Xeric’s Aid +4 – Not Sold


Guardians are statue-like creatures that appear in groups. These statues must be defeated to progress to the next stage. They can only be harmed with a pickaxe, which means having a highMining levelwill help tremendously. However, the damage is capped with the Dragon pickaxe. Therefore, using a crystal pickaxe will not provide any benefits.

Best Loot:

  • Buchu Seed – Not Sold
  • Golpar Seed – Not Sold
  • Noxifer Seed – Not Sold

Vasa Nistirio

Vasa Nistirio is initially seen as a pile of rocks. When walking near the pile, he will animate himself and begin the battle. He will also raise purple fire by the entrance and damage players who travel past the barrier. Vasa has a special attack when he is at the center, where he teleports half the team to the edges and the other Half next to him. Those next to the boss will be stunned and have their Prayers removed. Vasa will unleash powerful magical attacks at this time, dealing massive amounts of damage.

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Best Loot:

  • Endarkened Juice – Not Sold
  • Nistirio’s Manifesto – Not Sold

Skeletal Mystic

Skeletal Mystics are found in the ritual room of the Chambers. Players can expect to find three bosses in this room when in a group or going solo. They use magical fire spells and will inflict vulnerability. Protect from Magic is strongly recommended when fighting them.

Best Loot:

  • Long Bone – Not Sold
  • Curved Bone – Not Sold


There are 2 Muttadiles that reside in the chamber. A small Muttadile will be on the ground, and the much larger version will be lurking in the water. Protecting from melee is highly recommended when fighting them as their attacks can be very devastating. Stab weapons work best against them as they have a -5 Stab defensive bonus.

Best Loot:

  • Long Bone – Not Sold
  • Curved Bone – Not Sold

Great Olm

The Great Olm is the final boss in the Chambers of Xeric. It’s a huge white salamander that has crystal rocks surrounding it. The monster has unique attack moves that players must memorize to use the most effective counter. In total, the boss has 3 phases, which make it extremely difficult to kill. However, after completing the raid, you’ll potentially get access to some nice loot.

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Best Loot:

  • Dragon Hunter Crossbow – 74m GP
  • Ancestral Robe Armor – 136m GP
  • Twisted Buckler – 8.4m GP
  • Elder Maul – 11m GP
  • Dragon Claws – 62m GP
  • Kodai Insignia – 84m GP
  • Twisted Bow – 883m GP
  • Average Raid – 840k GP

The Theatre of Blood

Unlike the Chambers of Xeric, bosses inside the Theatre of Blood have a predetermined order. The Hitpoints scale depending on how many players are going in the raid. Players can open resource chests at every section to obtain potions and food to prepare for the next stage.

The Maiden of Sugadinti

The maiden is the first boss encountered in the Theatre of Blood. At 70%, 50%, and 30% Hitpoints, she will spawn 2 Nylocas Matomenos per player in the room. She is an extremely difficult boss to kill as she has 3,500 Hitpoints in normal mode. The attack style she uses is Magic, so we recommend using Protect from Magic at all times.

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Best Loot:

  • Serafina’s Diary – Not Sold

Pestilent Bloat

The Pestilent Bloat is an ugly fat vampire known as “The Butcher.” According to his book, Pestilent Bloat was created using three giant heads, an ogre’s corpse, four buckets of human blood, two cyclops arms, two catablepon legs, an apple pie, and a sense of pride. The boss has 2,000 Hitpoints and can max hit 80, making going in a team ideal.

Best loot:

  • The Butcher – Not Sold

Nylocas Vasilias

Nylocas Vasilias is the 3rd boss encountered within the raid. The boss resembles a giant tick, which will change its combat style throughout the fight. Therefore, players should keep an eye for changes to adjust their Prayer accordingly. Also, the boss will heal by reflecting damage back to the players attacking.

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Best Loot:

  • Arachnids of Vampryium – Not Sold


Sotetseg is a much stronger version of the Dark Beast. It has been corrupted through Haemalchemy, where it gained its intense power. The boss stands immobile in a 14×15 area and launches projectiles that can be blocked by Protect from Magic. Also, the projectiles will be split into two and ricochet towards other players. The best method to fight the boss is with magical attacks.

Best Loot:

  • The Shadow Realm – Not Sold
  • Long Bone – Not Sold
  • Curved Bone – Not Sold


Xarpus is the 5th boss that players will meet in the Theatre of Blood. The Xarpus is the last of its kind and was captured by Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan to be used as a guardian within the dungeon. The boss features multiple phases, so players should gear up for a long battle. Players should only fight this boss with a group because it has 5k HP.

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Best Loot:

  • The Wild Hunt – Not Sold

Verzik Vitur

Verzik Vitur is the final boss encounter in the raid. She is a vampire who rules over Ver Sinhaza. She hosts the Theatre of Blood and is the most difficult boss to fight at this location. She has 3 phases that vary in mechanics, making her tricky to defeat. After killing her, players will have a chance to obtain various expensive loot from the chest like the Ghrazi Rapier.

Best Loot:

  • Verzik Vitur: Patient Record – Not Sold
  • Avernic Defender Hilt – 46m GP
  • Ghrazi Rapier – 108m GP
  • Sanguinesti Staff – 58m GP
  • Justiciar Armor Pieces – 12m GP
  • Scythe of Vitur – 480m GP
  • Average Raid – 1m GP

Minigame Bosses

The bosses mentioned here are fought when participating in minigame activities. They can drop various loot that can be used outside of the minigame.

Penance Queen

The Penance Queen is a boss at the Barbarian Assault minigame. She will spawn at wave ten after all the creatures have been killed or when 4 minutes have passed. She will use Ranged attacks rapidly that can hit 13. Players can not use Prayers against her, which means bringing high-tier food is necessary. Also, the Penance Queen can only be damaged by omega eggs that are made in a 4 step process.

OSRS Boss Overview: A Complete Guide - Rune Fanatics (18)

Best Loot:

  • Fighter Hat – 275 Points
  • Healer Hat – 275 Points
  • Runner Hat – 275 Points
  • Ranger Hat – 275 Points
  • Fighter Torso – 375 Points
  • Penance Skirt – 100 Points
  • Granite Body – 95k GP


The boss is more commonly known as Jad. It has a combat level of 702 and can max hit 97 if the wrong Prayer is used. During the minigame, you’ll have to fight through waves of enemies until the Jad comes out. After defeating it, adventurers will be rewarded with the famous Fire Cape.

Best Loot:

  • Fire Cape – Not Sold


The TzKal-Zuk is similar to the Jad since you need to fight waves of enemies before fighting the boss. It’s the last creature encountered in the Inferno and is the 2nd most powerful monster in OSRS, being 1,400 combat level. Players can only fight this boss by sacrificing a Fire Cape. After defeating the boss, adventurers will be rewarded with the Infernal Cape, which is the best melee cape in the game.

OSRS Boss Overview: A Complete Guide - Rune Fanatics (19)

Best Loot:

  • Infernal Cape – Not Sold

Barrows Brothers

The Barrows Brothers are located in the graves near Mort’ton. Players need to go to all six graves and defeat Ahrim, Karil, Dahrok, Guthan, Torag, and Verac. The final brother will be in the dungeon below, which is accessed by going inside the casket. After killing all the brothers, players can open the chest to gain some decent loot.

Best Loot:

  • All Brothers Armors And Weapon sets – 60k-2m GP
  • Various Herbs And Seeds – 40k GP
  • Average Kill – 90k GP

Crystalline Hunllef

The Crystalline Hunllef is the boss monster within The Gauntlet. The creature has two unique attacks that players can counter easily. Hunllef will disable Prayers when using magical attacks, so players must stay vigilant to turn them back on. Also, during the battle, the floor can change color and damage adventurers. Players will need to avoid stepping on bad tiles while fighting the boss.

OSRS Boss Overview: A Complete Guide - Rune Fanatics (20)

Best Loot:

  • Crystal Weapon Seed – 340k GP
  • Crystal Armour Seed – 9.9m GP
  • Enhanced Crystal Weapon Seed – 179m GP
  • Youngllef – Not Sold
  • Average Kill – 70k GP

Unique Bosses

These bosses are not restricted to a specific activity and can be killed at any moment. However, they may be required to complete a quest first to obtain access to the boss.

Giant Mole

The Giant Mole is a boss found in the Mole Lair within Falador Park. The origin of the boss is a slight accident involving a bottle of Malingnius-Mortifier’s-Super-Ultra-Flora-Growth-Potion. The Giant Mole is a great mid-tier boss for players getting into PVM as it has easy mechanics. The best method to kill the mole is withRangedattacks.

Best Loot:

  • Dragon Med Helm – 60k GP
  • Shield Left Half – 65k GP
  • Dragon Spear – 37k GP
  • Dragonstone – 11k GP
  • Average Kill – 20k GP


Dagannoths are sea-based creatures that live in the Lighthouse basem*nt. After completing the Horror from the Deep, access to their lair will be granted. There are 3 Dagannoth bosses: Rex, Supreme, and Prime. They vary in combat styles and drop different loot. They don’t have any mechanics and can be fought like any other creature.

OSRS Boss Overview: A Complete Guide - Rune Fanatics (21)

Best Loot:

  • Archers Ring – 2.8m GP
  • Warrior Ring – 27k GP
  • Berserker Ring – 1.7m GP
  • Seer’s Ring – 206k GP
  • Average Kill – 25k GP

Kalphite Queen

The Kalhpite Queen is most notable for dropping the Dragon Chainbody. It inflicts a large amount of damage with Ranged and magical attacks. However, Magic attacks are far more powerful, so we strongly recommend using Protect from Magic. She has 2 phases, and both have 255 Hitpoints. The 1st phase can be fought with melee, and the 2nd can only be done with Ranged or Magic attacks.

Best loot:

  • Dragon Chainbody – 154k GP
  • Shield Left Half – 65k GP
  • Brimstone Key – Not Sold
  • Jar of Sand – 530k GP
  • Elite Clue Scroll – Not Sold
  • Average Kill – 54k GP

Quest Bosses

In the wonderful world of Gielinor, you’ll encounter various types of bosses on your adventures. They can vary in difficulty due to the damage dealt by the bosses or the mechanics. The boss fight usually takes place at the end of a quest, so players have plenty of time to prepare. Also, completing these types of quests is necessary for the Nightmare Zone minigame.


Vorkath is a draconic boss encountered during theDragon Slayer IIquest. The dragon is the only creature to survive experiments done by Zorgoth. After completing the quest, players will have access to fight the boss whenever they choose. Vorkath primarily uses Ranged and magical attacks in combat, so preparing Prayer potion is essential.

OSRS Boss Overview: A Complete Guide - Rune Fanatics (22)

Best Loot:

  • Onyx Bolt Tips – 250k GP
  • Dragonfruit Tree Seed – 190k GP
  • Dragonbone Necklace – 53k GP
  • Jar of Decay – 8k GP
  • Draconic Visage – 3.1m GP
  • Skeletal Visage – 16m GP
  • Average Kill – 130k GP


The Abomination is fought during A Taste of Hope after it takes over the Myreque Hideout. The creature is a result of an experiment gone wrong, which was performed on Serafina’s brother. When first encountering the monster, it will have a combat level of 465. However, after Safalaan severely weakens the Abomination, it will be 149 combat level. During the battle, it will drain the player’sPrayer Pointsby 1-3.

Count Draynor

Count Draynor lives in a coffin within the Draynor Manor. He is fought during the Vampyre Slayer quest after you’ve obtained all the items to defeat him. The boss itself is very easy to kill and is recommended for new accounts. This is because after completing the quest, players will be rewarded with 4,825 Attack XP. Also, he will appear at the Nightmare Zone afterward.

Kob and Keef

Kob and Keef are encountered duringMonkey Madness II. They are gigantic monkies that deal heaps of damage. Using Protect from Melee is necessary as they have a maximum hit of 57. Even with Prayers, Kob can hit through and deal 28 damage. Therefore, make sure to keep your HP near maximum at all times.

Which Bosses Are The Hardest?

These bosses are the most challenging to kill. They require patience, skill, and determination to master. However, learning to defeat these bosses is very rewarding for the loot they drop. Getting as many kills per hour is necessary to get a higher chance of acquiring the rare items.

Corporeal Beast

The Corporeal Beast resides in its cave, which can be accessed with a games necklace. The beast has 2,000 Hitpoints, which makes it extremely difficult to kill. The Corp has a 50% damage reduction against any weapon that is not a spear or halberd. While fighting the creature, it has a chance to spawn a dark energy core. This will leech Hitpoints from players and heal the boss. Therefore, making the monster ultra-difficult to kill due to this mechanic.

OSRS Boss Overview: A Complete Guide - Rune Fanatics (23)

Best Loot:

  • Spectral Sigil – 57m GP
  • Arcane Sigil – 150m GP
  • Elysian Sigil – 880m GP
  • Average Kill – 500k GP


Perhaps the most frustrating boss is the Jad because you must go through +60 waves of enemies before fighting it. Each wave gets increasingly complex, so players may end up overeating food before the boss fight. This makes Jad extremely tedious as there are no real safe spots within the cave.

Furthermore, once you reach the boss wave, you’ll need to use Prayers perfectly. Jad’s animation will indicate what type of attack he’ll do. Missclicking at least once can lead to Jad one-shotting you. Therefore, making it frustrating to fight as you can lose +2h progress in a second.

Best Loot:

  • Fire Cape – Not Sold

Verzik Vitur

Lady Verzik Vitur is fought during the final battle in a Theatre of Blood raid. She has the highest combat level out of any creature in OSRS. What makes her so difficult is that she has 3 phases that get increasingly difficult. She has multiple special attacks, and remembering how to counter them makes the battle much harder.

OSRS Boss Overview: A Complete Guide - Rune Fanatics (24)

Best Loot:

  • Verzik Vitur: Patient Record – Not Sold
  • Avernic Defender Hilt – 46m GP
  • Ghrazi Rapier – 108m GP
  • Sanguinesti Staff – 58m GP
  • Justiciar Armor Pieces – 12m GP
  • Scythe of Vitur – 480m GP
  • Average Raid – 1m GP

Which Bosses Should Beginners Fight First?

Players who are new to OSRS should not be deterred by bossing. It may seem like a difficult challenge at first. However, OSRS has plenty of low and mid-tier bosses for players with less skill to try. These are great to slay to familiarize yourself with the pressure of keeping your Hitpoints high and learning the mechanics.

Barrows Brothers

The Barrows Brothers are very easy to defeat with +60 level combat stats. They have no difficult mechanics to learn and are fought like and other NPC in OSRS. The most difficult brother is Dharok because he increases his damage when he reaches low HP. Therefore, make sure to keep your Hitpoints high when fighting this brother.

Overall, the mechanics of the minigame boss is super simple to learn. Go to each grave and go inside. Interact with the tomb to spawn a brother and defeat them. The last brother will not spawn, but an entrance will emerge where you’ll need to go to the dungeon’s center. Once all brothers are killed, open the chest at the center of the room to receive the loot.

Best Loot:

  • Ahrim’s Robetop – 1.9m GP
  • Ahrim’s Robeskirt – 1.6m GP
  • Karil’s Leathertop – 2.5m GP
  • Average Kill – 90k GP

The Giant Mole

Despite the creature not having weaknesses,Magicis most effective at taking it down. The boss itself is straightforward to kill as it has no defensive bonuses. When the mole is between 5-50% Hitpoints, it has a 25% chance to dodge attacks by burrowing away into another location. Each time it burrows away, you’ll need to chase it down and attack it again.

OSRS Boss Overview: A Complete Guide - Rune Fanatics (25)

Best Loot:

  • Dragon Med Helm – 60k GP
  • Shield Left Half – 65k GP
  • Dragon Spear – 37k GP
  • Dragonstone – 11k GP
  • Average Kill – 20k GP

King Black Dragon

The King Black Dragon is one of the best to learn for newer players because it has no mechanics. Killing it is like any other black dragon, but it deals significantly more damage. The main thing to remember is to bring anti-fire potions or equip an anti-dragon shield.

Best Loot:

  • Dragon Pickaxe – 3.1m GP
  • Draconic Visage – 3.1m GP
  • Average Kill – 20k GP

Chaos Elemental

The Chaos Elemental is a dangerous boss if you’re not using Protect from Magic. The boss is challenging to kill because it periodically removes armor, which you need to quickly re-equip to prevent taking significant damage. Also, it will teleport you around the surrounding area that can be very annoying for melee players. It’s a great boss for mid-tier players as there are no requirements to fight the boss.

OSRS Boss Overview: A Complete Guide - Rune Fanatics (26)

Best Loot:

  • Dragon Pickaxe – 3.1m GP
  • Dragon Dagger – 17k GP
  • Dragon 2H Sword – 130k GP
  • Average Kill – 23k GP


Question: What Are The Most Profitable Bosses In OSRS?

Answer:Bossing is an enjoyable activity for those seeking an adrenalin rush. Most players will go bossing for the extremely expensive loot that they can receive. These bosses are the best for gamers looking to make a huge profit.
The Nightmare of Ashihama:This is a newer boss, which means the items are super expensive at the moment. The most expensive drop is the Harmonised Orb, worth over 850 million GP. The Inquisitor’s armor pieces are selling more than +100 million GP, making this boss the most profitable.
The Theatre of Blood:Completing raids with a party of 4 can increase kills per hour and the chance to obtain legendary loot. The Scythe of Vitur is the best drop here and can be sold for 600 million GP.
Alchemical Hydra:The Alchemical Hydra is located on the lowest level of Mount Karuulm. The boss can be killed around 25 times per hour with a decent setup. The drops can range from 100k-50m GP, which makes the hydra extremely profitable to kill.

Question: What Is The Best Gear In Slot For Bossing?

Answer:When bossing, you’ll want to equip the best armor and weapon possible. This is because you’ll receive the best stats, which will translate into more kills per hour. Although these items are super expensive, they are worth the benefits that come with them.
Best In Slot For Melee:
Off-hand – Avernic Defender
Weapon – Ghrazi Rapier
Hands – Ferocious Gloves
Head – Serpentine Helm
Chest – Bandos Chestplate
Legs – Bandos Tassets
Feet – Primordial Boots
Ring – Berserker Ring (i)
Neck – Amulet of Torture
Cape – Infernal Cape
Best In Slot For Ranged:
Weapon –Toxic Blowpipe
Hands – Barrows Gloves
Head – Armadyl Helmet
Chest – Armadyl Chestplate
Legs – Armadyl Chainskirt
Feet – Pegasian Boots
Ring – Archers Ring (i)
Neck – Amulet of Anguish
Cape – Ava’s Assembler
Best In Slot For Magic:
Weapon – Sanguinesti Staff
Hands – Tormented Bracelet
Head – Ancestral Hat
Chest – Ancestral Robe Top
Legs – Ancestral Robe Bottom
Feet – Eternal Boots
Ring – Seer’s Ring (i)
Neck – Occult Necklace
Cape – Imbued Saradomin Cape

Question: What Is The Strongest Monster In OSRS?

Answer:Combat is a huge part of the OSRS experience as it has a unique combat system. The creatures, NPCs, and bosses have unique fighting styles that players will need to counter. Adventurers who want to test their PVM skills can test their luck by killing Verzik Vitur.
Lady Verzik Vitur has the highest combat level in OSRS, being level 1,520. She has 3 phases, which makes her incredibly difficult to kill. Players can go in teams or test their skills going in solo. After defeating her, players can potentially receive Justiciar armor, the Scythe of Vitur, Ghrazi Rapier, and other expensive loot.


To summarize, we’ve covered the best bosses in OSRS that you can fight right now. They all have unique mechanics that make bossing far more fun and immersive. No matter what type of player you are, you’ll find a creature that you can slay at your current level. In addition, OSRS features skilling and combat orientate bosses so that nobody is left out. So what are you waiting for? Gear up and try your luck at some premium loot!

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