Local Time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates - What time is it in Dubai right now? (2024)

Thursday, 21 December 2023

Country United Arab Emirates
State Dubai
Lat/Long 25.20484930 / 55.27078280
Timezone Asia/Dubai
Abbreviation GST (+04)
  1. What time is it in Dubai?
  2. Sunrise, sunset times for Dubai
  3. Dubai Geolocation Data
  4. Time Difference Dubai to Major World Cities
  5. Dubai Weather Forecast

What time is it in Dubai, United Arab Emirates right now?

Get up-to-date current local time in Dubai which includes the current day of week and date.Dubai (United Arab Emirates) is located inUTC+04:00 (Asia/Dubai) time zone. Difference to Greenwich mean time inhours: GMT+04. Current local time in Dubai is: 08:23Thursday, 21 December, 2023.Dubai NOT in daylight saving time.

Local Time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates - What time is it in Dubai right now? (1)

Sunrise, sunset times for Dubai


Local Time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates - What time is it in Dubai right now? (2)



Local Time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates - What time is it in Dubai right now? (3)


Day Lenght

Local Time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates - What time is it in Dubai right now? (4)


Today's Sunrise And Sunset Time In Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Knowing when the sun is going to rise and set in Dubai is important.We will help you find out when these events happen so you can plan your day accordingly.Calculation of sunset and sunrise time in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) for Thursday, 21 December, 2023, length of day.Today's sun rise and sun set time are Sun rise 06:58,Sun set time 17:35 andDay length 14h 37m.

United Arab Emirates, Dubai Geolocation Data

Region Asia
Subregion Western Asia
Country United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪
Capital City Abu Dhabi
Latitude 25.20484930
Longitude 55.27078280
UTM Coord. X 325778.64561704
UTM Coord. Y 2788750.5535371
Coordinates 25° 12' 17.457" N /55° 16' 14.818" E

Local Time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates - What time is it in Dubai right now? (5)

Dubai Map

GPS coordinate of Dubai, United Arab Emirates AE

Find out more information about Dubai such as population, time zone, population, currency and dialing code for United Arab Emirates.Dubai state is situated in country United Arab Emirates.Dubai is located on the continent of Asia.The latitude of Dubai, United Arab Emirates is25.205, and the longitude is 55.271.Dubai, United Arab Emirates is located atUnited Arab Emirates country in the states place category with thegps coordinates of 25° 12' 17.457" N55° 16' 14.818" E.You can see map of Dubai above.

Time Difference Dubai to Major World Cities

  • Los Angeles US20:23 (-12h)
  • New York US23:23 (-9h)
  • London GB04:23 (-4h)
  • Paris FR05:23 (-3h)
  • Istanbul TR07:23 (-1h)
  • New Delhi IN09:53 (+1.5h)
  • Shanghai CN12:23 (+4h)
  • Moscow RU07:23 (-1h)
  • Tokyo JP13:23 (+5h)
  • Sydney AU15:23 (+7h)

Time difference between Dubai, United Arab Emirates and the World

Following table displays the time difference between Dubai, United Arab Emirates and other major cities,timezones and other locations of the world.

Dubai Weather Forecast


Local Time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates - What time is it in Dubai right now? (6)21°C


Clear Sky



Day Weather Max/Min Temp. Humidity Wind
Friday, 22 December Clear Sky 21 /24 °C 62% 2.47 m/s
Saturday, 23 December Clear Sky 22 /24 °C 58% 4.15 m/s
Sunday, 24 December Light Rain 24 /24 °C 54% 3.96 m/s
Monday, 25 December Broken Clouds 24 /24 °C 51% 5.42 m/s
Tuesday, 26 December Scattered Clouds 24 /24 °C 48% 4.47 m/s
Wednesday, 27 December Scattered Clouds 23 /23 °C 51% 5.24 m/s
Thursday, 28 December Scattered Clouds 23 /23 °C 52% 4.86 m/s
Friday, 29 December Overcast Clouds 23 /23 °C 53% 3.93 m/s
Saturday, 30 December Overcast Clouds 24 /24 °C 52% 4.77 m/s
Sunday, 31 December Few Clouds 24 /24 °C 48% 4.15 m/s
Monday, 01 January Scattered Clouds 24 /24 °C 49% 4.38 m/s
Tuesday, 02 January Broken Clouds 24 /24 °C 51% 2.97 m/s
Wednesday, 03 January Broken Clouds 23 /23 °C 53% 2.92 m/s
Thursday, 04 January Scattered Clouds 23 /23 °C 55% 2.65 m/s
Friday, 05 January Scattered Clouds 22 /22 °C 55% 1.87 m/s

What is the weather in Dubai?

The current temperature in Dubai is 21°C.You can find more detailed information about the weather in Dubaiincluding humidity, wind, chance of rain and more on theDubai current weather page.You are viewing the detailed weather forecast in Dubai for 15 days.Weather forecast for the next coming days and current time of Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Current Local Time in Locations in Dubai

District State Distance Time

Current Local Time in Locations in Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Dubai has 1 cities.What is the local time now in Dubai and get the time difference betweenDubai and another location.Does Dubai have the Daylight Saving Time now?What is the time zone offset of United Arab Emirates to UTC?

Other States in United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪

State Country Distance Time
UQ Local time in Umm al-Quwain United Arab Emirates 47 Km 08:23
RK Local time in Ras al-Khaimah United Arab Emirates 88 Km 08:23
SH Local time in Sharjah Emirate United Arab Emirates 51 Km 08:23
AJ Local time in Ajman Emirate United Arab Emirates 33 Km 08:23
AZ Local time in Abu Dhabi Emirate United Arab Emirates 123 Km 08:23
FU Local time in Fujairah United Arab Emirates 107 Km 08:23

Facts about Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Currency in use in Dubai is United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)and to make a call to this city you must first enter +971.

Dubai to Other Countries

Country Timezone Distance
Local time in Uzbekistan Asia/Samarkand 1,933 Km
Local time in San Marino Europe/San_Marino 4,372 Km
Local time in Germany Europe/Berlin 4,844 Km
Local time in Estonia Europe/Tallinn 4,393 Km
Local time in American Samoa Pacific/Pago_Pago 15,150 Km
Local time in Saint Martin America/Marigot 11,866 Km
Local time in Iraq Asia/Baghdad 1,395 Km
Local time in French Southern and Antarctic Lands Indian/Kerguelen 8,393 Km
Local time in Sudan Africa/Khartoum 2,865 Km
Local time in Armenia Asia/Yerevan 1,903 Km

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Greetings, fellow enthusiasts! As someone deeply immersed in the realm of geographical and temporal intricacies, let me assure you of my expert grasp on the subject matter. I am not merely a bystander but an individual well-versed in the complexities of time zones, geolocation data, and meteorological nuances. Allow me to guide you through the wealth of information presented in the provided article.

Let's begin with the temporal landscape of Dubai on this fine Thursday, 21 December 2023. Dubai, nestled in the United Arab Emirates, operates on the Gulf Standard Time (GST), denoted as UTC+04:00. The current local time is 08:23, and Dubai, being the diligent city it is, abstains from daylight saving time.

For those keen on observing the celestial ballet, the sunrise in Dubai today graced the horizon at 06:58, while the sun is bidding adieu at 17:35, marking a day length of 14 hours and 37 minutes. Precise details for today’s sunrise and sunset time are 06:58 and 17:35, respectively.

Now, let's delve into Dubai's geolocation data. Positioned in Western Asia, the emirate lies at 25.20484930 latitude and 55.27078280 longitude. These coordinates place Dubai within the larger canvas of the United Arab Emirates. For cartographic aficionados, the UTM coordinates are X 325778.64561704 and Y 2788750.5535371.

For the global nomads among us, the time difference between Dubai and major cities around the world is as follows:

  • Los Angeles: UTC-12 hours
  • New York: UTC-9 hours
  • London: UTC-4 hours
  • Paris: UTC-3 hours
  • Istanbul: UTC-1 hour
  • New Delhi: UTC+1.5 hours
  • Shanghai: UTC+4 hours
  • Moscow: UTC-1 hour
  • Tokyo: UTC+5 hours
  • Sydney: UTC+7 hours

As a conscientious traveler, one must always be cognizant of the time difference when venturing beyond the confines of Dubai.

Switching gears, let's address the atmospheric conditions. The current weather in Dubai stands at a pleasant 21°C with a clear sky, showcasing a humidity level of 62%. A detailed forecast for the upcoming days reveals varying conditions, from clear skies to light rain, ensuring residents and visitors are well-prepared.

In terms of neighboring states in the United Arab Emirates, here's a snapshot of the local time and distance from Dubai:

  • Umm al-Quwain: 47 km, 08:23
  • Ras al-Khaimah: 88 km, 08:23
  • Sharjah Emirate: 51 km, 08:23
  • Ajman Emirate: 33 km, 08:23
  • Abu Dhabi Emirate: 123 km, 08:23
  • Fujairah: 107 km, 08:23

Finally, to add a practical touch, Dubai operates on the United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED), and if you wish to make a call to this vibrant city, remember to dial +971.

As a parting note, for those considering financial transactions to or from Dubai, the article discreetly mentions Wise as a reliable platform for sending money to the United Arab Emirates, boasting low fees and fast transfers. Consider this a nugget of practical wisdom for your financial endeavors.

In conclusion, my fellow enthusiasts, may your understanding of Dubai's temporal and geographical tapestry be as rich as the cultural mosaic the city offers.

Local Time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates - What time is it in Dubai right now? (2024)


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